Property management comparison

With all these features, why would you manage it yourself?

Managing property by yourself


NRS manages your property

Missing your rent checks?

Easy, faster payments.

You won't have to worry about missing your rent checks again with National Rental Services.

• Late rent

• Tenant excuses

• Depositing checks

• Tracking down tenants to get rent


easy, faster payments with free direct deposit

• Free direct deposit rental payments

• Rent deposited directly in your bank account

• Easy ePayments with notifications after deposit

• Pay all charges easily online via the owner portal

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Who are they going to call?

24/7 maintenance.

When there is a problem in your rental, your renters will be calling you to come and fix the problem.


NRS provides a 24/7 emergency maintenance request hotline.

• Late-night maintenance emergencies

• Don't know which service vendor to call

• Expensive repairs and damage

• Maintain building systems on regular schedule

• 24/7 emergency maintenance request hotline

• Strong vendor relationships for all service needs

• Save money on repairs, renovations and upgrades

• Centralized preventative maintenance schedule

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Legal compliance issues?

Compliancy expertise.

Never worry about legal compliance issues or knowledge or all the regulations again.


NRS knows the laws surrounding fair housing, section 8, local ordinance and more.

• Need to hire a lawyer

• Unsure about eviction law

• Don't know updated fair housing laws

• No liability or fidelity insurance

• Legal expertise in housing laws and regulations

• Eviction and possession services to help you save

• Experts in city, state and federal housing laws

• Protection with insurance policies and lease riders

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Can't find a new tenant?

Fast tenant placement.

If your property has been vacant for a long time, NRS can help find you a tenant quickly and help get your unit into better shape!

• Property has been vacant for a long time

• No one responds to your advertising

• Rent is not accurately priced at market value

• Don't have time or resources to screen tenants


Fast leasing with online appointment scheduling, wait-lists and referrals.

• Fast leasing with online appointment scheduling

• Lengthy wait-lists and referrals

• Maximize rent price with market analysis

• Tenant background checks, eviction/credit history