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NRS Property Management has an extensive history of successfully partnering with Real Estate investors and investment groups from around the world to maximize their investment properties in many regions including Illinois, Florida, Alabama and North Dakota.  Through collaboration, strategy and expertise, we turn under-performing single-family and multifamily rental properties into efficient, stable and profitable investment properties. We fundamentally believe that effective investing is only achieved with an educated, unemotional and systematic approach to managing properties and tenants.

Over 97% occupancy across all our managed

multifamily and single-family properties.


NRS Case Studies: Proven results time and again.

We understand that every investor is different with unique goals & investment strategies. NRS manages your investment properties based on your goals, not ours.

Condominium Lease-up & Property Management Model

Whether it be five, or five hundred, a vacant number of condominium units or single family residences is costly. National Rental Services (NRS) brings decades of understanding developers’ needs regarding the importance of the lease-up and management of adverse inventory.  From onsite Leasing Managers and operators, to an off-site scheduled lease-up approach with customized Reporting, our developer specific efforts are mere templates customizable by developer needs.


Developer / investors have various needs based on specific proforma. And at times needs change as market times change them. At National Rental Services our customized approach to market moves is to make sure that market change is to the advantage of our investor / developer client. Currently, developers want to be best positioned for sales/resales to a cash-rich foreign national buyer. A lease-up and management campaign with NRS takes the time and details out of bulk sales efforts to multiple-unit cash investors. Bulk unit buyers measure their purchases with less emotion and more rationality. These purchasers want to know about the ‘numbers’ and let the ROIs of a deal justify their amount of investment. If the details of these type of purchases are already spelled out by the developer in a previously leased up and managed selection of units the investor is more opt to consider this inventory over newly delivered and vacant condo product.


Above all a condo lease-up campaign gives a developer options. NRS has both the success and the current multiple-market resources to contract with a developer to best position him for multiple-unit sales and bulk purchaser absorption.  Ideal repositioning template for condo conversion developers.

Let NRS use our expertise to maximize your property investment!


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National Rental Services (NRS) is a premier, full-service property management firm that specializes in the management, marketing and leasing of investment rental properties.


Our proficient staff and advanced technology enables our rental management and leasing services to be more affordable and economically advantageous for rental property owners and investors.